Schrock Homes History



In 1975, when the job market wasn’t showing much promise, Adlai Schrock started a construction company called Schrock Homes to help offset the downturned market. Within two years, he had built around 12 homes. This success grew not only his business, but his reputation as well. He quickly became known in the community for building a good home at the best value.

“People drive me. I had a deep desire to work for others, they had a need that I fulfill,” Schrock says.

Other Ventures

To manage the growth and continue to serve clients in other capacities, several new companies were formed by Adlai which provided diversity as well as the ability to assure Schrock’s commitments to their home owners and residents.

Greenfield Landscaping Services was formed to maintain the communities, from original landscaping projects to grooming the common areas for the communities and water ways.  The snow plowing service affords Schrock Homes the opportunity to be of service to our homeowners year round.

Schrock Homes manages their communities such as College Green, Spring Brooke, Keystone Pointe, McCormick Creek, Westoria, and Country Crossing.  They manage the services provided by the Home Owner’s Association and work with other Schrock entities such as Greenfield Landscaping.

We also endeavor to make the most of the environment. Schrock Homes recycles water in their villa developments by storing storm water in ponds, which in turn, is used for irrigation.  Location on the build site is also key as homes are built to use the natural sun orientation.

When residential customers asked Schrock Homes to build their business offices in 2006, Adlai started Schrock Commercial.  Keystone Square, as an example, was designed for medical offices and other affiliate businesses. Today, Goshen Orthopedics, dentists, and doctors utilize our designed spaces.

In 2008, when Adlai decided he could further serve past customers by helping relocate or sell their existing homes, Schrock Realty Group was born. It gives Adlai great satisfaction to continue to serve clients in other facets of their lives.

The success of these businesses, according to Schrock, is a joint effort.

“We treat our employees like family.” says Schrock. We believe that dedication comes from the top downward, and we strive to live that every day.

Current Endeavors

Kitchen Selection at Schrock HomesToday, Schrock Homes has built over 1800 homes and developed 12 communities. They will build communities to accommodate large amounts of new homes, villas, and single families. Currently in progress are Crystal Springs and Fairfield Farms, among others. They will also build on individuals sites in Elkhart County and surrounding areas.

Schrock homes are a blend of old world craftsmanship and modern day innovation, giving the home buyer the best of both worlds. Each home is customized to fit the individual customer’s wants, needs, and lifestyle whether it is a Designer series or Pre-Designed home. Being diversified in size, design, and features keeps each home unique to the owner.

To Schrock and his staff, serving their customers well means “listening, paying attention to detail and completing the task.” When Schrock Homes makes a commitment, they make it happen to the very best of their ability. A home should “feel” as good as it “looks” Schrock says.

That philosophy continues to cultivate new business and bring repeat business by word of mouth through friends, families and communities. We have built homes for three, sometimes, four generations,” Schrock said.  That is what we strive for every day with every build.

In all, our history really becomes our present, and secures our future.  The simple philosophy of taking care of clients has created wonderful opportunities for Schrock Homes.